Create initial dataframe of all unique target series. Essentially expand.grid() for the tidyverse.

ip_create_seed(tars, names.exclude = c("value"), value.set = 1, = "value", override.warning = FALSE)



A list of data frames containing series to expand.


Vector of names of series to exclude from the data frame creation.


Single number or vector of numbers to initialize the seed

Name of series in the data frame containing value.set.


A data frame containing one row for each combination of the data frame series. The series in the first tar data frame vary fastest. The columns names match names supplied in each of the tar data frames.


tar1 <- data.frame(x = letters[1:2], value = runif(2)) tar2 <- data.frame(y = letters[3:5], value = runif(3)) ip_create_seed(list(tar1, tar2))
#> x y value #> 1 a c 1 #> 2 b c 1 #> 3 a d 1 #> 4 b d 1 #> 5 a e 1 #> 6 b e 1